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    The Hancock Law Firm, PLLC, offers quality professional legal services with you, personally, in mind.

    Attorney Pamela Hancock has experience gained while working at a large law firm, and brings that experience to bear for individuals, families and businesses in Madison, Rankin and the Metro Jackson Mississippi area.

    Our law firm develops long-term relationships with our clients.  Our clients look to the Hancock Law Firm to provide a lifetime of legal representation, service and advice.

    Mississippi Probate Estate Lawyer

    In our service to individuals and families, our law firm handles the full range of family law and estate law matters. We take pride in our ability to provide legal services in an efficient manner and reduce the stress of having unresolved legal matters.

    Estate and Probate Law Firm

    The full range of estate planning, including drafting wills and trusts, living trusts, testamentary trusts, planning for incapacity through powers of attorney, specials needs and disability planning, probate administration, will disputes, probate litigation, probate avoidance and elder law.

    Mississippi Family Law Attorney

    In our service to individuals and families, our law firm handles the full range of family law and estate law matters. As a Madison Family Lawyer, we take pride in our ability to provide legal services in an efficient manner and reduce the stress of having unresolved legal matters.

    Family law or domestic relations

    Including divorce, equitable distribution of assets and liabilities, child custody and custody disputes, custody modification, child support, spousal support, paternity and prenuptial agreements.

    Mississippi Criminal Defense Attorneys

    Criminal charges can arise at any time. Your choice of attorney is critically important.

    Your livelihood, family and freedom are at stake. Trust the Hancock Law Firm to bring deep experience and insight to aggressively protect your rights. We are dedicated to protecting you in criminal legal matters and give the time and attention required.

    You may be able to avoid some or all of these penalites by hiring an attorney to fight for you. The Hancock Law Firm, PLLC can help you defend against criminal charges: DUI, domestic violence, assault, theft crimes, drug charges.

Legacy Estate Planning

Representation for all Estate and End of Life Issues Just as no two individuals are alike, no two estate plans should be alike. One person will leave everything to a spouse, while another will leave half of an estate to the spouse and half to a religious organization or charity. Someone may want to leaveLearn More

Probate Administration

Mississippi Probate Administration Estate planning and being prepared is the best way to avoid probate. Very small estates can avoid probate when there are not significant assets to liquidate. For those who do not have an estate plan, and those who have an out-of-date estate plan, probate administration will be necessary to liquidate the assets,Learn More

Estate Administration

Resolving Estate and Probate Disputes For some reason, relatives who get along fine stop getting along and cooperating once there is an estate or property that is to be divided by an executor or administered by a trustee. People fight over land and jewelry. They fight with their siblings and with their children. They fightLearn More

Child/Parent Custody

When a couple divorces, the children are affected as well. If the marriage is a second marriage, there may be step-siblings that are separated. You might need a Guardian ad Litem. If one spouse in the marriage worked and the other one did not, visitation rights become an issue. In Mississippi, the court considers theLearn More

Criminal Defense Law

If you are facing criminal charges, the attorney you choose is critically important. You need an attorney with the experience and insight to aggressively protect your rights, and the dedication to give your legal matter the time and attention they require. Criminal charges do not always mean a guaranteed conviction. However, if convicted you mayLearn More

Family Law & Divorce

Compassionate Advocacy and Honest Advice Even though prenuptial agreements are becoming more common, people seldom enter a marriage thinking it will end in divorce. When divorce becomes inevitable, it is always best to find a way to work out the child custody, division of property and other issues in a mutually agreeable way. The courtLearn More

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